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Augmented Reality

i5 is in the process of obtaining augmented reality technology to assist cadets in the visualization of the space domain during wargaming exercise.

Space Battleship

i5 Space Wargamers have created a version of battleship that includes space capabilities such as remote sensing in order to illustrate joint force capabilities.




The wargaming team is working with both USSF and industry partners to explore the relationship between the space domain and the joint force through wargaming.



Cadets will soon have the opportunity to participate in the i5  Mentorship Program. This program matches cadets with Space Force guardians from USAFA classes 2020 and 2021. They will be paired according to job interest, the Space Force jobs available to cadets are Intelligence, Cyber, Engineering, Acquisition, and Ops. The cadets can ask the guardians about their bases, jobs, daily life, etc.

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One of the primary missions of i5 is to educate cadets on the space domain. While the Air Force Academy has multiple space related majors, the cadets not in those majors need a way to access educational material on space. That's where i5 can help. The i5 education team created a schedule of topics to cover, and will organize guest speakers, panels and educational material for each topic.

i5 Curriculum Schedule

Fall 2021

10/4 - 10/16
Why do we have a Space Force?
Why was the Space Force needed as a separate branch, what general threats do we face in space, and why is a military interest in space important?
10/18 - 10/30
What is the Space Force?
What does the Space Force do and how does it support the joint force?
11/1 - 11/15
What Space Force careers are available to cadets and what are their missions, locations, daily lives like?
11/15 - 11/23

Spring 2022

1/17 - 1/29
Adversarial capabilities
At an unclassified level, what assets and capabilities do our adversaries possess and what potential do they have to impact US access to space?
1/31 - 2/12
US capabilities
At an unclassified level, what assets and capabilities does the US have in space, what do these assets allow, and how do they contribute to the joint force?
2/14 - 2/22
Orbital Mechanics
In what ways do orbital mechanics impact space operations?
2/28 - 3/9
What are our launch capabilities, how does private industry impact launch, and how does launch affect space operations?
3/14 - 3/18
Limitations of space
What are the limitations to space operations and the evolution of the space domain?
3/28 - 4/9
USSF engagement with industry
How does the USSF engage with private industry and how does that relationship impact the US in space?
4/11 - 4/23
Are we in a space race?
Are we in another space race? How does the increasing militarization of space affect international relations?
4/25 - 5/5
Mars and the Moon
How does Mars and the Moon play into the future of the space domain, international relations, private industry, and the USSF?

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