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i5 Staff

The i5 Staff is formed by students from all around the nation, from cadets at service academies to civilians in love with space. With our diverse team, we promise to represent all members of i5!

Ethan Schneider

National Commander
US Naval Academy

USNA_Classmates_025 (1).jpg

John Stevenson

Director of Development
USAF Academy

Benjamin Coval

Director of Protocol
Boston University

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

Spencer Stevenson

Director of Communications
USAF Academy

Regional Staff

In charge of each of their respective regions, the i5 Regional Commanders are responsible for guiding their regional detachments, scheduling events, and hosting Regional All-Calls.

Nicole Crouse

West Region Commander
CU Boulder


Parker Pugno

Central Region 

Texas A&M


JD Dominique

East Region Commander
Virginia Tech

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