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National Staff

Operations Division

The Operations Division is in charge of the operations of 67 squadrons and counting.


Kirsten Gavle

National Director of Operations XO


Jackson Braun

West Region Commander


Ani Thyagarajan

North-Central Region Commander


Sophie Taminez-Parra

South-Central Region Commander


Justin Harris

North East Region Commander


Jennifer Haage

South East Region Commander

Development Division

The Development Division is in charge of managing the programs that are at the heart of i5 Space.

Past Staff

Staff from previous years leading the foundational operation and development of i5 Space.

​2022 - 2023 Staff Ethan Schneider - National Commander John Stevenson - Director of Development Benjamin Coval - Director of Protocol Spencer Stevenson - Director of Communication Nicole Crouse - West Region Commander Parker Pugno - Central Region Commander JD Dominique - South-East Region Commander Mitchell Dieudonne - North-East Region Commander

​2021 - 2022 Staff In Progress

​2020 - 2021 Staff In Progress

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