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Interested in a partnership?

At i5 Space, we are always looking to expand the opportunities we have available to our members. None of that would be possible without the support of our partners. If you would be interested in expanding undergraduate space education and awareness, please contact us so we can figure out a way to make that happen! Here is a video that gives a quick overview of what i5 is:

Our Projects

Here is what we are currently up to:


Our bi-weekly speakers series that features Generals, Astronauts, CEOs, and innovators from the Space Domain. We are always looking for more speakers to share their knowledge with the next generation of Guardians. 

Research Opportunities

We are incredibly lucky to have research partnerships with the Space Force and NATO which gives our members access to more than 150 different research topics to dive into and present their work. We are interested in expanding these opportunities and offering more engineering and science focused research. 


All of our members have the ability to be paired with an active duty guardian in order to receive informal mentorship. Right now, as our number of members continues to skyrocket, we are looking to onboard more mentors. 

Video Content

We just finished our first season of a crash course-style video series focused on the opportunities within the Space Domain. Here are the videos in season 1:

Ep. 1 — What is the Space Force? 

Ep. 2 — What is i5 Space? 

Ep. 3 — History of the Space Domain

Ep. 4 — Space Force Careers

Ep. 5 — The Space Force and Its Allies

Ep. 6 — The Future of the Space Force


We are developing Space Force-themed war games, we host intel brief workshops, and we have intelligence simulations. We are looking to expand our intelligence opportunities to continue to give our members the best training to become intelligence officers in the Space Force. 


We have a team working on creating realistic cyber-warfare simulations that will allow our members to hack enemy satellites and protect allied assets. These simulations are meant to replicate the stresses of being a cyber-warfare officer in the Space Force.

Professional Development

We want to give our members access to professional development opportunities. We would love to gain partners that can help us make this a reality. We can imagine giving our members access to different engineering opportunities, internships, facility tours, mentorship opportunities, and more! If you would be interested in expanding our education and growing the future of our nation's military, please let us know!

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