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Why become a member of i5?

 Whoever you are, i5 is the place for you! Whether you want to gain the best understanding of what the Space Force is and what opportunities exist, or if you want to shape the future of the Space Domain, here is what we have to offer you!


Our STRAT Talk series that features Generals, Astronauts, CEOs, and innovators from the Space Domain.


All of our members have the ability to be paired with an active duty guardian in order to receive informal mentorship.


Take part in bi-weekly wargaming simulations, or get wargaming boards developed by i5.

Professional Development

Take part in astronaut training, get internships, or get to visit Space Force bases in our various opportunities available to i5 members.


Our research partnerships with NATO and the Space Force allows our members to do real research and present it to senior members of premier organizations. 

Video Content

From our Space Force crash course series to our officer career field series we have fun educational content for our members to enjoy!

Cyber Warfare

Hack satellites and protect allied assets in simulations that are meant to replicate the stresses of being a cyber-warfare officer in the Space Force.

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