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Get ready for the stars.


i5 Space is a national student organization that operates in conjunction with the U.S. Space Force’s Space Training and Readiness and Command (STARCOM). We aim to deliver educational, training, and professional development resources to students around the country who are interested in pursuing a career in the newest branch of the US military—the Space Force. We are growing every day and currently boast more than 1000 members from 67 different Squadrons! We are also proud to have research partnerships with the Space Force and NATO. 

Our Mission

To educate, inspire, and produce leaders that are prepared to define the character of warfighting in space.

Our Scope

Through professional development and exposure programs, i5 members have the opportunity to build skills and understanding within the space domain that will lead to commissioning more effective and aware military officers.

The sky is not the limit.

Here's some of our ever-evolving selection of cutting-edge programs.

Learn from the best in our STRAT Talk series that features Generals, Astronauts, CEOs, and innovators from the Space Domain.

Experience, educate, partner, and contribute to the future of military AI.

All of our members have the ability to be paired with an active duty guardian in order to receive informal mentorship in their desired career field.

From our Space Force crash course series to our officer career field series we have  educational content for our members to enjoy.

Space Policy Debate

i5 squadrons from around the nation debate each other on space policy.

Hack satellites and protect allied assets in simulations that are meant to replicate the stresses of being a cyber-warfare officer in the Space Force.

Our research partnerships with NATO and the Space Force allows our members to do real research and present it to senior members of premier organizations. 

Take part in astronaut training, get internships, or get to visit Space Force bases in our development opportunities available to i5 members.

Space Training and Readiness (STAR) is a 4-part course designed to expand your knowledge in the space domain and to enhance your interest in joining the United States Space Force. 

Our Numbers




Host Detachments


Service Branches


Common Goal

Text out. Video in.

Checkout our Crash Course episode: What Is i5 Space?

Interested in getting involved?

If you are already a member of i5 Space, click below to login. If you are not a member, click below to see how to become a member!

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