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Artificial Intelligence (PRE-ALPHA)

Our Mission

"We build the leaders of the future, the leaders in AI."

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies promise to be the most powerful tools in generations for expanding knowledge, increasing prosperity, and enriching the human experience.”

National Security Commission on AI

Our Pillars

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the cutting-edge of AI

We're working to provide an exclusive AI focused event to our members. We're also building a chatbot to experience the power of a specialized AI trained on military regulations and doctrine.



with today's leaders in AI

We're building partnerships with the worlds leading AI labs, users, and academics across government, industry, and academia.



tomorrows leaders in AI

We're creating a series of videos on the basics of modern military AI. Never before has learning about the current state of AI been so easy.



to the future of AI

We're working to build research teams to create the latest AI technologies at the top AI labs in the world.

Stay tuned!

We're looking to launch our AI programs in Winter 2023-2024.

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